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securitycamerafeaturesSecurity Camera – Types 

 Box camera – These cameras are known for their high video quality. Box cameras are often found in banks, supermarkets, and convenience stores. One of the benefits of the box cameras is that the lenses can be changed based on the viewing angle and zoom that is required.


Dome Cameras are very discreet and often high resolution cameras that come in many different styles of domes include infrared domes, indoor and outdoor domes, vandal proof domes, and pan tilt zoom, and smoked domes cameras, which offer an additional degree of security since people have a difficult time seeing where the lens is actually pointing.


Hidden cameras offer one of the highest degrees of video surveillance due to the fact that their function is not to be seen. Fake smoke detectors, motion detectors, clocks, sprinklers, books, EXIT signs, alarm clocks, and body worn cameras are examples of the type of hidden cameras that are used.  The main disadvantage is that hidden cameras usually do not have infrared capabilities which limit their performance in low light.  In addition, many hidden cameras are not weatherproof, so they cannot be used outdoors.


P/T/Z cameras are cameras that can be controlled through the recorder, remote viewing software, and a joystick. They can Pan left to right, and up and down and also have a zoom capability. You can capture a license plate or zoom in on a face from a good distance.  You can also program them to do preset tours where you can have them monitor certain areas while you are away. Airports, casinos, large department stores are examples of places that use PTZ.  However, PTZ cameras are typically expensive, starting at $500 and up per camera.


License Plate Recognition (LPR) Cameras are an advanced type of security camera that is built specifically to give you the clearest image of license plates as they enter or leave your property. These cameras come with special infrared (IR) cut filters that cancel out ambient lighting and poor weather so it gets the best image possible.   License Plate cameras are ideal for border patrol, parking garages, perimeter security, shipping hubs, government buildings, and public transportation.

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